Stationery Design – 3 Fold Resources

3fold Resources are a company that pride themselves on being an innovative leading-edge company, specialising in Shopfitting, Project Management and Logistics. The company originally approached burst for logo design. The company’s logo had already been redesigned four times. The challenge for Burst was to create something New, Eye catching and Modern however still relating to the previous look and feel of the business.

After a lot of brainstorming and over 20 concepts we reached a style that matched the client’s brief. By focusing on what the name of the business is communicating to it’s client’s and exploring how we could show that graphically, is how this solution was reached. Once the logo was decided upon, 3fold came back to Burst for their other promotional materia

3 Fold Business Cards Burst Creative Ringwood Melbourne
Stationery Design – Knox Residential
Stationery Design – EcoGlow

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