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Branding – AirEng

AirEng are engineers that work with Industrial Fans and Blowers. AirEng have been a long-standing client of our graphic design and web design team in Melbourne. Our knowledgeable team began with a logo design. By beginning branding with the creation of graphic elements, the brand has been able to come alive. The company branding relates well to the air component of the company, as it involves fans. The supporting graphics that the Burst Creative graphic designers have since been rolled out in all of AirEng’s promotional material. Using these elements in the background of the company’s promotional materials like letterhead flyer design, brochure design and even company signage is a great example of continuation of brand character and personality.

Of course, the company wanted a website design that was exactly in keeping with the promotional materials, that were already recognised by clients and potential customers. The site that Burst Creative web developers created and hosted reflects all of the personality of the company, and uses SEO to ensure traffic to the site.

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