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Anti Gravity Responsive Web Design Melbourne Ringwood

Anti Gravity are a fitness and rehabilitation facility that use a treadmill developed by NASA. The special treadmill can heal injuries by using pressurised chambers to create a powerful lifting force, that allows for ultra-low impact physical exercise. It can also be used for weight loss.

Keeping all of this is mind, Burst Creative created a website for the company that reflected their company values and the high-end feel of the business. The process for Anti Gravity began with a logo design. A common description of the feeling of walking on the treadmill is ‘walking on a cloud’. This straight away took control of the design and created a strong visual image to use for the graphics.

The talented graphic designers at Burst Creative continued designing items for Anti Gravity after their logo design was realised. Some of this promotional material included business card design, advertisements and flyers. Air Eng were very pleased with these new items, and wanted to continue the look with a unique website design. The design carry’s across the branding of their physical advertisements into the online world.

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