Brochure Design – Eastwood Primary School

Eastwood Primary School Student Wellbeing Booklet Design Melbourne

Eastwood Primary School approached burst creative with ideas for school brochures and signage. Eastwood Primary School works in partnership with its community, and seeks to optimise the potential of their students and promote a friendly, safe and healthy school environment that can ignite the passions of their students.

Located just next door to the Burst graphic design studio in Ringwood, Burst Creative was the perfect mix of great location and friendly, knowledgeable staff. Our creative team kept in mind these community values, and Eastwood Primary School’s role in empowering individuals and teams, and enabling a sense of connectedness and purpose. The brochure design reflects all of these values. The Eastwood logo was used as the most important graphic element in the design, and Burst graphic designers built on this branding by developing great brochure print material, and fantastic eye-catching signage.

Brochure Design – Mid Valley Shopping Centre
Brochure Design – South City Plaster

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