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Anti Gravity Responsive Web Design Melbourne Ringwood

Since then the website has seen two iterations as the company has grown and the web has progressed. The latest design, seen to the left, is a WordPress website with a ‘responsive’ design. This is now a standard requirement for all our websites that we design and construct.

This means all the layouts for our client’s websites change (or respond) depending on the device they are being viewed on. The various devices can be iPads, iPhones, Smart Phones, Laptops and Desktops.

The changing layout ensures the content remains clear and easy to read at all times. This is also a requirement by Google when it evaluates the relevance of any website, having an effect on where the website will come up in a Google search. Non-responsive websites are generally lower down the search list.

Hence it is important for your Search Engine Optimisation strategy to have a ‘responsive layout’ website.

This Splash Page was designed for our client Gravity Zone Indoor Trampoline Centre whilst we were designing and constructing the website. This is commonly done to avoid either a blank screen or worse an error for visitors to the website when one is yet to be designed and constructed.

Splash Pages are also a cost effective way to get your company’s information on the web if you do not have a website. It can also be used a a graphical way to replace the old text ‘Website Under Construction’.

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