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JD International Website Design Melbourne Ringwood

JD International began their company in 1996, and by 2011 required a re-branding from the unique, friendly and most important of all, creative graphic designers located in Ringwood, Melbourne. JD International is a real estate company and needed to communicate a sense of importance and a top quality feel for their brand.

JD International briefed the knowledgeable Burst Creative designers on their concepts for their logo, and the final solution was a typographic logo design in a modern font and stylish colour. JD International are dedicated to their professional duties at the highest level. All projects are at the best locations with emphasis on the future appreciation of the property.

Burst Creative thought it would be best to develop the companies website in this same nature of high quality branding design and the ability to grow. The website includes a sophisticated colour palette, gallery, personality, and high end symbols and graphic elements.