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Burst Creative professional graphic design team first met with the Kids Dream Parties brand to work on concepts, and the design of a creative logo that would appeal to children. Held in the indoor sports Maribyrnong stadium, Kids dream parties take place in one of three function rooms (known as the Sparkle Studio, Enchanted Room, and Sports Stadium).
The logo design was bright, happy and unisex. Burst Creative knowledgeable graphic designers supplied brand with a collaboration of different illustrative inspiration.

The logo was a fun project, as the elements involved provided the ability to create new visual material for each promotion.Carrying on with the fun logo design, a website for Kids Dream Parties was commissioned to the Burst web designers. A great background design was included, and the site is very colorful and eye-catching. See the successful website designed by out Ringwood East graphic and web designers by clicking through via the link below.

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