Brochure Design – Melbourne Counselling Service

Melbourne Counselling Service Currawong Brochure Design Melbourne Ringwood

Before Redesign

After Redesign

Melbourne Counselling Service approached Burst Creative for a range of brochure materials. Our professional team has completed sets of graphical solutions to promote the  the different counselling programs that are provided. Each program is branded uniquely to to differentiate them and to appeal to the relevant target market.

Burst Creatives unique Melbourne graphic designers and web designers successfully tied the theme back to the other counselling divisions by using the alternate colour scheme, and yet still maintaining the overall corporate branding of the Melbourne Counselling Service and Salvation Army.

Get in touch with Burst Creative to get your creative juices flowing into a great design today. Our web developers can design you a website, and our graphic designers can create for you great print material.

The intial design for the Currawong program was created several years ago, with a rebrand requested more recently to reflect the changes that had occured over time.

Brochure Design – Melbourne Counselling Service
Brochure Design – Maroondah City Council

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