Brochure Design – Sandown Park

Sandown Park have had a long relationship with Burst Creative’s unique graphic designers. Our creative graphic designers originally developed a logo, that was a redesign of the company’s previous logo. The logo was well received by the company and was liked by staff and of course, clients, for the dynamic but simple design.

Sandown have returned time and again to our ethical, authentic, and enthusiastic Ringwood graphic design team for designs including brochures, flyers, advertisements etc. The next project on the list was this brochure design for Christmas at Sandown. The design features very unique and creative graphical elements. The layout is simple to peruse, and the information arranged according the the hierarchy of importance.

Sandown Greyhound Racing Club Christmas Promotion Brochure Design Ringwood Melbourne

If you like the brochure design, have a look at the website that we also designed for Sandown Park. The website is a continuation of the company brand and includes small advertisements in sliders, creative drop shadows, first class presentations, and upcoming events. As the upcoming events section needed to be updated on a regular basis, the Sandown team were versed in how to mange the site themselves, with the professional Melbourne Burst Creative team educating them in the areas of content management, so the business can add, edit and delete content for themselves.

Brochure Design – Ecoglow
Brochure Design – Eastern Karen Community

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