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Ad Design – Selectronic

Selectronic requires trade advertising to inform their Target Audience of product upgrades, existing lines, what is new and the benefits of new products. All adverts designed for the brand espoused the Selectronic look and quality feel that they are renown for.

Brand elements have been purposefully used, such as the diagrams, the exact placement of the logo in relation to the other brand elements, the positioning statement and their typeface – Frutiger. Our designers also designed the Selectronic logo, website, pull up banners, diagrams, stickers, amongst many other things.

As these advertisements are also part of a larger range, careful consideration was taken to ensure consistency was maintained with other adverts. The result was a set of trade adverts that were easily recognised as belonging to the Selectronic range of high quality products.

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Ad Design – A.Vogel

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