Signage Design – Musée Saint Gregoire

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Burst Creative graphic design team were commissioned to design a set of signage and banners for the Musée Saint Gregoire in France. The museum features world renowned artists such as Clifford Possum, Albert Namatjira, renowned Australian narrative painter, Morriss Kennedy, famous French explorer Jean-Francois La Perouse; among others

The museum also features an Ornithoborg collection of interactive sculptures by Andrew Hackwell, award winning Australian sculptor.

The Burst graphic design team created the unique Ornithoborg illustration for the collection. You can see the design below, and it’s clever implementation into the hanging banners to the right.

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The Burst graphic design team also later redesigned the Ornithoborg logo for the collection. The font is a visual representation of the nature of the sculptures; clever examples of creatures killed or displaced by our need for things.

The sculptures are made from the very products that are reducing their habitats. The logo cut outs suggests something assembled, as these sculptures are. The bold letters and extended sections represent the variety of materials used. The unique logo is now in use for the Ornithoborg range.

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The directional artwork shown above was a usefull addition to the Musee range of signage. These signs directs the public towards the museum entrance, and is a clever arrangement and use of the Musee logo. Whilst remaining very minimalist, it is obvious what the signs portray, and is an easy and colourful way to find your way to the entrance of the building. Once all the directional signage has been followed, The main sign that hangs above the entranceway directs patrons directly into the building.

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