Brochure Design – South City Plaster

This sophisticated brochure design was created by the Burst professional graphic design team. South City Plaster has been a loyal client of Burst Creative professional and unique team of graphic designers for some time, and in the past has commisioned our designers for a great new solution to the brand logo. After completing the logo design, Burst Creative’s quality designers were asked to create a range of stationery that complimented the Brand. Burst’s authentic team designed a range of letterheads, business cards and envelopes that represent the quality of the brand.

The color red has been used throughout the stationary, and the brochure designs, as the color is warm and positive, and it exudes a strong, and powerful energy. Red is energizing and confident. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action, which is keeping in line with the the South City Plaster philosophy.

South City Plaster also took the creation of their web site seriously. and the final solution was to have two web sites in one location. From the home page, the client chooses the option that is relevant for them and the link takes them to the appropriate ‘sub site’. Each ‘sub site’ has been custom designed by Burst’s Ringwood staff, to specifically target the different markets, including information that’s relevant only to them.

You can see the site by clicking the link below.

Brochure Design – Eastwood Primary School
Brochure Design – MicroPellets Australia

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