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Flyer Design – WASCA

Designing flyers to a high standard and a competitive price is what Burst Creative does best. The professional new flyers for the WASCA organization stay true to the branding and the colour, style, and graphic elements of other materials in the range of WASCA brand personality.

The company was highly satisfied with the new look, and wanted to redesign all of the other graphical elements of their brand to keep in line with the modern new brand personality. Graphic designers at Burst Creative were approached for this flyer redesign and happily created a look in keeping with the quality of all the other work commissioned by WASCA.

The company really appreciated all the redesigns completed so far and happily approached Burst later for a website redesign. You can see the fresh new results by clicking the link below.

Flyer Design – Star Train Academy
Flyer Design – Anti-Gravity Rehab & Fitness

Other Portfolio Examples