Discover the benefits of brand consistency and how easy it is to maintain

Here’s why consistent branding on your website, marketing materials and social media platforms is important and how simple it is to achieve

benefits of brand consistency

Effective branding represents your core values, distinguishes you from your competitors and is a vital part of business growth and success.

To attract more customers and grow your business you need to build brand awareness. To build brand awareness you need to ensure your branding is consistent.

What does all this mean exactly? It means to make your business more recognisable, you need to ensure that your logo, colours and other visual elements of your branding are consistent across all your signage, vehicle graphics, brochures, business cards, social media platforms and your website.

Why is brand consistency important?

Brand consistency is important as it ensures you present yourself as a professional, legitimate and reliable business that customers will want to engage with.

Differences within your branding creates uncertainty and doubt, causing customers to become hesitant about using your business. They will start to wonder if this inconsistency is an accurate reflection of your products or services. This is how some businesses lose trust straight away without people ever having made a purchase. 

Consistent branding gives customers assurance they are dealing with a professional and trustworthy business, increasing confidence your products or services are high quality and reliable.

Anywhere a customer views your business branding should be consistent. This includes your website, social media, vehicles, uniforms and any marketing materials you use to advertise your business. This ensures you build brand awareness, which helps to brings in new customers and keep existing customers coming back, resulting in a more profitable, successful business.

How to maintain brand consistency

Branding guidelines are a set of rules that tell employees and external vendors how to stay on-brand while working with your business. They are created by graphic designers and include information regarding the use of visual elements such as logos, fonts, typeface, images and colour schemes.

Keeping a current copy of your branding guidelines or branding style guide, as it is sometimes known, is the easiest way to maintain brand consistency. This guide is yours to keep and ensures no one will ever need to start from scratch when working on a design or marketing project for your business.

Now you know why brand consistency is important, how all the large companies have consistent branding and how you can too. It isn’t as hard as you may think to look as professional as the big businesses. As long as you have your branding guidelines, consistency with your business or organisation’s branding will be easy to achieve and maintain.

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