Logo Design Services

Are you looking for a Melbourne graphic designer to create an eye-catching logo for your business?

Logo design is an important part of your business branding because it is a customer’s first impression of your business.

Customers can be hesitant to use a business that has an unprofessional, low quality logo as they then start to question the quality of the goods or services the business provides. They will however, assume a professionally designed custom logo means a professional, trustworthy business.

Strong logos are designed strategically with your business values, products or services and ideal customers in mind. Colour, font, size and style play a huge part in how a logo is received.

Having a well-designed custom logo also means you will stand out from your competitors.

Our graphic designers will use their vast knowledge and experience to design you an eye-catching custom logo that is appropriate for the type of customers you are aiming to attract to your business.

We will also provide you with multiple file formats that you can use regardless which medium the logo needs to be used for (eg for social media profiles, web, printing, signage etc). 

What is the custom logo design process at Burst Creative?

  • Contact us via phone, email or make an appointment to see us in our Melbourne office.
  • Let us know who you are, what you do and if you have some ideas, let us know that too. We will ask some questions to get to know your business and your vision for your business logo.
  • We will look into your target market, what your competitors are up to and come up with some ideas.
  • We will then design a concept and present it to you with the use of mockups (if appropriate). The purpose of a mock up is to show you what your logo will look like in the intended setting to give you a better idea. These can be in the form of business cards, stationery design or vehicle graphics etc.
  • Once you have reviewed our concept, we ask for your feedback and we tweak if and where needed. 
  • Your logo is now ready to use as you choose. We will apply it for you where it’s currently required. We will also give you the files for you to use at a later date if you need.

Ready to make your business logo stand out from the competition?