How Printed Brochures and Flyers Can Be Used as Effective Marketing Tools

Brochures and flyers are used as a way to communicate with your customers or clients. You may be asking, in a world that is becoming more and more digital are printed brochures and flyers still an effective marketing tool? The answer is yes, they certainly are!

Printed marketing materials show that you are professional, reliable, serious as a business and committed to quality.

With the right design, content and distribution process, brochures and flyers can be very effective. They help to attract new customers, keep existing customers coming back and can be a lot more cost-effective than you may think.

What can brochures and flyers be used for?

The first thing to consider, is what is the reason for your brochure or flyer. To be effective they need to have a clearly defined goal. Brochures and flyers can be used to:

  • Market a new product or promotional offer
  • Build brand awareness
  • Educate people on your business, products and services
  • Advertise an upcoming event or exhibition
  • Provide information on current or upcoming products, projects or services.

What should you include in your brochure or flyer?

  • Introduction: explain clearly what services you provide or what your company does
  • Details of the purpose of the brochure or flyer: what is the new product, promotional offer, event, exhibition, upcoming product, project or service
  • Information on where customers can buy your products, access your services or buy tickets
  • Dates: when does the promotional offer end or when is the upcoming event or exhibition
  • Contact information: telephone numbers, street address, website address, email addresses, social media handles, etc.
  • Images: clear, good quality and relevant to the purpose of your brochure or flyer
  • Your business logo

How your printed brochures and flyers can be effectively distributed

Along with containing a lot of information about your business in the one easy to read place, another benefit is that the customer can take it with them to read or reference later if need be. Having a physical item to keep aside is an easy reminder of which business you were interested in buying from. Great ways to distribute your brochures and flyers are:

  • Hand them out at conferences, trade fairs or markets
  • Make them available at your place of business or other businesses 
  • Put one in your customers bag at their next in-store purchase 
  • Send them through the mail
  • Place one inside your customer’s next packaged order

How to get your target market to select your brochure or flyer

At trade fairs especially, potential customers are bombarded with choice for everyone’s business and won’t take home a brochure from every single business. They will however, take the brochures that grab their attention. This is why design is important. An eye-catching design will grab the customer’s attention and a well-designed brochure will keep their attention. While they may look like text and images just put on a piece of paper, there is more strategy to the process than that. 

Along with interesting, informative content and a great design, they should also be printed on quality stock paper in the correct size and fold (if required). The type of paper can play a huge part in how your brochure or flyer is received. Poor printing can undo all the great work of writing engaging content and having a stand out design, as poor quality paper can instantly reduce credibility and turn customers away. Choosing suitable paper and having a great design not only produces quality marketing material, it shows your customer you are willing to invest in them. After all, isn’t the purpose of the brochure or flyer to ask them to invest in you?

Need a brochure or flyer for your business? Our graphic design team at Eye To Eye can create an eye-catching brochure or flyer to help you attract your target market and help to grow your business. We can organise to have them printed and delivered to you as well. Contact our friendly team on (03) 9800 0001 or and let’s get started!