How Printed Brochures and Flyers Can Be Used as Effective Marketing Tools

Here’s how you can use printed marketing materials to attract more customers and grow your business

brochures effective marketing tools

While digital marketing may seem more common these days, printed brochures and flyers are still a great way to communicate with new and existing customers.

If you’re not using these useful items as part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing valuable opportunities to gain new customers that simply wouldn’t have discovered you otherwise.

You may be thinking, in a world that is becoming increasingly digital, how is it possible printed brochures and flyers can be used as effective marketing tools?

Have you ever spent several hours looking around retail shops or a trade show and been confused by the end of the day which product was which. Online searches can be forgotten as well. Having a physical item to collect and keep aside, is an easy reminder of which business had the product or service that captivated your interest.

This is how with the right design, content and distribution process, brochures and flyers can be very effective. They help to attract new customers, keep existing ones coming back and are a lot more cost-effective than you may think.

What can brochures and flyers be used for?

Brochures and flyers can be used for numerous purposes including:

  • Promoting a new product or service
  • Build awareness of your business 
  • Advertising an upcoming event or exhibition
  • Promoting a special offer or discount
  • Educating people on your business, products or services
  • Providing instructions or guidelines
  • Offering resources or tips
  • Promoting a referral program or loyalty program

To ensure marketing materials are effective, they need to have a clearly defined goal. What would you like to achieve with your brochure or flyer? Do you want to sell more products? Do you want more people to know your business exists? Are you planning an event and want people to attend? This objective plays an important role in how the design and layout is developed.

What content should you include in your brochure or flyer?

An eye-catching design will attract the attention of customers, however, to achieve your objective you also need to have the relevant details. When preparing your content make sure to include the following information: 

Introduction: explain clearly who you are and what you do

Details on the purpose of the brochure or flyer: what is the offer, event or new product, project or service you are promoting

Information on where customers can: buy your products, access your services, buy tickets or attend your exhibition 

Dates: when does the promotional offer end or when is the upcoming event or exhibition

Contact information: telephone number, street address, website address, email address, social media handles, etc.

Images: clear, good quality and relevant to the purpose of your brochure or flyer

Logo: Your business logo should appear on all of your marketing materials

Where to effectively distribute brochures and flyers

Whether you have a physical store or an online business, brochures and flyers can be given to your customers to effectively increase awareness of your products or services.

Great ways to distribute marketing materials are:

  • Hand them out at conferences, trade shows or markets
  • Make them available at your place of business or other businesses
  • Take them to meetings to hand out to clients 
  • Put them in community brochure racks
  • Put one in your customers bags at their next in-store purchase
  • Place one inside your customers next packaged order
  • Mailbox drops
  • Send through the mail
  • Put one in a promotional or goodie bag

How to get customers to choose your brochure or flyer

In some instances, customers are inundated with options and simply won’t take home a brochure from every single business. They will however, take some that grab their attention. This is why design is important. 

While they may just look like text and images simply put on a piece of paper, there is more strategy to the design process than that. Graphic designers create brochures and flyers with the conscious purpose of attracting the attention of your potential customers.

A graphic designer will also ensure they are printed on quality stock paper in the correct size and fold. The type and quality of paper can play a huge role in how your brochure or flyer is received. Poor quality printing instantly reduces credibility and will turn customers away.

Use printed marketing materials to gain an advantage over your competitors

Many customers want to see evidence of professionalism before they buy from a business. Well-designed brochures and flyers are a great way to demonstrate this.

Printed marketing materials can be used to gain a competitive edge over those who think they are old-fashioned and outdated. Make them work to your advantage by reaching customers that these competitors are not.

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