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GrandOak Flooring Website

As part of the brand creation  and ongoing support for GrandOak Flooring, they again turned to us to design their new website. The website provides detailed information on the product range and showcases the full range of products where potential customers can review and request samples to be sent to them, free of charge, by simply filling in the form on the page.

This feature behaves similarly to an e-commerce website where more than one sample can be requested by simply added to a cart. Once the potential customer has completed adding the samples to the website cart, the form is filled in and sent off. A simply and easy solution!

The website also provides easy navigation to related products through the use of thumbnails, showing visually what’s related and immediately accessible. This helps the potential customer around the website, finding with ease what they are searching for.

Whilst we typically design and build their websites, this project was a collaboration with a local web developer. The result was a high quality, customised website that exceeded the client’s expectation.

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Services Provided:

  • Website design

Flooring Wholesaler

Design and construct a stylish and modern website to showcase the full flooring product range.

2012 – Current

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