Branding, Logo Design & Package Design – Health Food Business

Smart Bites / Sweet Bites

Smart Bites are a unique health food brand that lends greatly from traditional Indian healthy foods. The design brief was to create a fresh brand that would target Western audiences and entice them to pick up the product in the supermarket.

The Smart Bites product range is broken up into two categories – Savoury and Sweet. We came up with the concept to break the two into separate names, whilst keeping the brand the same – Smart Bites and Sweet Bites.

Along with a fresh new brand look and visual strategy, we created a series of package designs to get the brand off and running in the supermarkets. This consisted of flatbread packaging designs and yoghurt/pudding tub package designs. These two designs are the benchmark in moving forward for future and ongoing ranges under the Smart Bites and Sweet Bites categories.

logo design red
logo design dessert
packaging design tubs
packaging design pudding
packaging design wraps

Services Provided:

  • Logo design
  • Packaging design
  • Point-of-sale

Healthy food manufacturer

Create a modern, fresh brand that can stand out on the supermarket shelf. Entice Western audience to pick up and try Indian inspired health foods.

April 2021

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